First blog post

2017 will see women fund homes give grants to women’s investment groups and my role only as an adviser regarding what type of groups we will be looking at and how much grant will be given. Precise grant procedures will be posted in the coming months.

I will be looking to streamline one on one clientele to a bare minimum as it will be delegated to other women working the business element within WFH. One of the reasons for this is; I spend too much time managing crisis within individual property portfolios. I will rather spend the time working with women’s groups of more than 5 who really want to learn every aspect of investments by enabling hands on projects. Delegating a lot of the work within its members.

My joy I find is with the properties and generating wealth for the next generation. This I will like to share with women who are ready to get into it by using grants to push this initiative. Of course, the but is…the group will have to house vulnerable families (obviously not for free but as tenants) in one of their newly acquired properties…will explain this fine print later…All for a good cause!
As I move towards my passions and what feeds my personal hum (according to Shonda Rhimes), I want to focus more on the Why…why I started Women Fund Homes! Why I wanted to teach about investments especially property portfolios, as I suddenly found myself over worked in areas that were not fuelling my passion but actually limiting it.

I love properties, I love investing, I was once asked by a friend, when I will stop and enjoy the fruits of this investment bug…my answer was and still is never…but I will take holidays from it to enjoy the essence of life but I want to do it without worrying about the mantle of “my empire”, or things falling apart but I digress, future of my portfolio lies on the shoulders of my next generation and my next generation and the next…and that is what drives me, my legacy to them…that is what I want to share in the future of my WHY with Women Fund Homes….not with a trickle of individuals but with a following of the impossible made possible. A future where we will not need to beg for a bank loan or a morgue-age to own a portfolio to pass down to the next…be it properties or a manufacturing company. A future where credit rating does not determine if you have access to own your own home or a range of businesses, where our kids can find jobs without the unnecessary prejudices, but a future that changes the way we perceive wealth and legacy…the need to be unafraid to conquer our innate fear of full ownership, determination and consistency.

Are you tired of filling out morgue-age forms, bank loan applications, paying interest on any loan for more than 15 years plus? I sure am…so let’s change the future as a group…start your own investment group…empower yourself, your community..all I can do is give you the tools you need, the rest is really up to you! Happy holidays and festivities! See you in the coming new year.
I want to take this opportunity to send big congrats, to a Lady who is doing the impossible Lynn Da A group I am so proud to be part off for raising funds to buy a block in the community. Now that’s what I am talking about!! The power of the many.