What is Women Fund Homes?

Women Fund Homes is a social enterprise established to help promote affordable housing for the most vulnerable in the BAME community in the North West. The founder Tokie Laotan-Brown, a German-born Nigerian, recognised the weakness in the housing market and looked to bring her knowledge and passion for resolving this in a philanthropic way. Tokie was joined by 5 Angel Investors who collectively started Women Fund Homes and has seen the positive effects and opportunities it has opened up for the North West; now they want to help others achieve their investment potential whilst giving back to local people and local communities.

The primary aim of Women Fund Homes is to identify like-minded individual investors and philanthropists which will be formed into groups of 5+. These individuals will then invest jointly to purchase quality homes that will house a family in the area. The results of this enterprise will see a positive change in housing for the socially/economically disadvantaged, especially those who have previously found the lack of affordable housing for the BAME community a challenge. These investors and groups would need to share the same vision as Women Fund Homes in order to ensure strategic harmony. Women Fund Homes understands the challenges of social deprivation and exclusion in BAME communities and the lack of investing opportunities for women and will continue to work hard to provide good quality, affordable housing to communities regardless of age, gender or race in the UK.

To facilitate this cause, Women Fund Homes will be willing to issue grants to these potential investors, subject to qualifying criteria being achieved, of up to £5,000 over three years. The Grant aims to bring together property entrepreneurs and first-time investors, providing opportunities and knowledge that may not have otherwise been available to them. Once the grant has been awarded the chosen Angel Investors will then be guided by Property Entrepreneur and Author Tokie Laotan-Brown and will be given vital help, insight and tools to help become a property entrepreneur.

Once the houses are purchased, the houses will then be available to re-home families in the local community. This will not only increase the opportunities for housing in the community but will provide more quality yet affordable housing options for disadvantaged families enabling them to thrive.

The Grant

Women Fund Homes is a Social Enterprise and the grant is provided by Angel Investors who share the commitment of the founder Tokie Laotan-Brown.

If successful you will be awarded a grant of £3,000 to assist with the property acquisition. You will then be awarded a further £1,000 to your investment group for a further 2 years if the group is still formed and investing. The grant will help towards costs of your new property investing venture which will be made a reality by being part of a property investment group. You will realise your property investment dream and have expert guidance and help from a property entrepreneur; furthermore, you will also be investing in the underprivileged and economically deprived areas and will help families that need that positive change and assistance.

The Next Step

If you would like to be a Property Investor and be part of this worthy project, which will not only see personal achievement and prosperity, but will also provide much needed sustainable, affordable housing in multi-cultural neighbourhoods in inner cities, then an application process will be tendered.

Once your application has been submitted you will be selected by the grant authorities on the following criteria:

  • History as a Property Investor
  • Reasons for wanting to be part of the social enterprise
  • Willingness to be part of an investment group
  • Share the goals and ethos of Women Fund Homes

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